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A new game in town
For the editor:
It’s not really a new game in town, but a resurgence of an old game. It’s called Bocce.
It is said to have been introduced to our region by Italian immigrants who came here in search of a new life in search of work in the mines and a place to raise their families. They had played it in their home country on grassy fields or dirt roads. They fashioned the balls from wood or rock, with the rock weighing about 4 pounds. They were to be thrown at a smaller ball as a target called Pollino which was thrown first. The closest ball or balls received points. This method of play has been transformed to be played on clay courts lined with solid wood to help contain the heaviest balls. Teams were formed for the competition and standard rules were agreed upon.
More and more people practice this sport every year. This is especially the case in retirement communities. For them, it has been a great way to improve their social life and be healthy. More facilities are being built every year in our country and, in fact, has become a big industry.
It is a sport that anyone can practice. I mean anyone. You don’t have to pass a ball, kick a ball, catch a ball, run with a ball, or kick a ball. All you have to do is “roll the ball down the court”. This is a game that anyone can play at any age.
The Joe Polich Bocce League, at the Duke of Abruzzo’s home ground in Caspian, has 8 teams throughout the summer. Last year a mixed league was added and this year they came back and expanded their league to 9 teams. The men’s league is also in its second year of instruction and play for children.
The Joe Polich Bocce League and the Friends of the Duke of Abruzzo are once again offering the use of their 4 courts and fields in the city of Caspian, “the city that cares and shares”, for the game of Bocce to the public. We will leave the balls on the pitches, with a set of rules to follow and a schedule of league nights when we will need the pitches to play league. All are welcome to come and enjoy. Please leave it as you found it.
The Joe Polich Bocce League and the Friends of the Duke of Abruzzo proudly support this initiative for our community with funds from the garage sale held all summer on their lot at 405 McGills Avenue in Caspian every weekend. This is part of their commitment to restore this historic building and grounds to its former significance. It is not only a way to repay what has been given to us, but also to give it back to those who are yet to come, as our ancestors had the foresight to build it for us. Please don’t come join us in this dream of giving back to our community. The family that plays together, stays together.
If you have any questions, please contact Bob Ketchum at 1-402-312-2257 or [email protected]


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