Could this NFL tailgate fire disaster happen at a Bills game?


The NFL regular season is underway and to say it’s been amazing so far would be an understatement.

After a relatively slow first half in the 1 p.m. game on Sunday, things opened up in a big way and we saw some incredible finishes all over the league, especially with the Steelers/Bengals, Colts/Texans and Giants/Titans.

The Buffalo Bills won their opener Thursday night against the Los Angeles Rams, 31-10, which was even more explosive than the scoreline indicated.

The Bills are tied for the top of the AFC East with the Miami Dolphins, who won their Week 1 game on Sunday against the New England Patriots.

However, what happened just outside Hard Rock Stadium is of more interest to fans than what happened inside.

In a viral tweet, a Dolphins fan left his grill lit in the tailgate of Hard Rock Stadium, which ended up adding up to several cars in the parking lot. The video is amazing.

ESPN’s Marcel Louis-Jacques tweeted about the smoke coming from outside the stadium and we soon realized what it was.

We know how intense Bills tailgates can be, but could it happen in Orchard Park?

I have never seen anything like what happened at Hard Rock Stadium yesterday. Even if someone left a grill unattended while it was still on, couldn’t someone report it and turn the grill off before it turned into this?

The level of security patrolling Highmark Stadium could see it, but again, it’s up to the fans to put out the fires at their tailgates or else that could be the outcome.

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