How bisport athlete Oksana Masters goes from one game to the next in less than six months



Oksana Masters celebrates after crossing the finish line in first place at the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Games on March 11, 2018 in Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea.

Training, training and more training

“Retraining your body is so different,” she said of the transition from road running to ski slopes.

This is where training comes in.

Masters will bounce around the world, going from a ski tunnel made in Germany to the USA. There, she will train at a residency camp in Montana for three weeks before hopefully heading to Beijing.

Getting snow early is essential, especially this year, with the ski season starting just a few months before the Games.

“I love every part. Eat, sleep, train, rehearse, ”she said. “All in the hopes of trying to be better than you were the day before.”

Additional responsibilities

Between training camps, Masters has other responsibilities – like sponsorship requests – that add to his growing number of frequent flyer miles.

When we spoke, she was on her way from one training camp in Germany to another in Canada, but first had to make a quick trip to Los Angeles for a content shoot with a sponsor.
If all that doesn’t seem chaotic enough, she admitted, she’s also working on a book.

“It’s going to be released in July, hopefully,” she said. His goal will therefore be to finish it once Beijing is finished.

“It’s called The Hard Parts because if it weren’t for all the hard parts, I wouldn’t be living the life I am now. And I think it’s a blessing, even though it’s hard to see at times like this.

Oksana Masters competes in the H4-5 Women’s Time Trial at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games on August 31, 2021 in Tokyo.

Start of competitions

December will see the start of the competition schedule, the first being the WPNS World Cup in Canmore, Canada

“I love competition,” said Masters. “I like a starting line. My favorite sound is the beep of a clock on the racetrack when you are about to start. I like everything about it! “
It’s then to other World Cups and World Championships to start the new year, which makes her a little nervous.

“I’m anxious because I want to do well because that means something. I love my sport and I want to promote this sport. One of the only ways to do this is to do the race well and draw attention to it.

“Kind of like what Jessie Diggins did with cross-country skiing. She helped put cross-country skiing on the map which is amazing. And Kikkan Randall [when they won the sport’s first-ever gold medal in PyeongChang 2018]. “

Beijing 2022 Games

The Paralympic Games are held March 4-13, which means the cross-country team would arrive around the end of February.

So far, many of the same Tokyo rules are in place for Beijing – with one exception that Masters are aware of.

“In Tokyo we had to do a sputum test every morning to make sure we were negative for COVID, but in Beijing I think we have to do the nose test. I’m more nervous about doing this everyday than running, ”she said with a laugh.

“Tokyo went so well. The organizing committee did an amazing job. As an athlete, you would never have known you were competing during a pandemic. It was different with the masks until the starting line, and no fans, but Tokyo has shown that it is possible to do this successfully.

As an athlete, she says, the only thing that matters is, “We want to run. I want to be on the start line and race against the strongest and best people that day and see where that takes me. And the hope is that the United States will be in the lead, whatever the sport.



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