Journeymen World Classic will be a big international event, April 9-10 in Troy, NY, with spots still available for boys and girls


As promised, the 2022 World Companion Classic, scheduled for Troy, NY on April 9-10, is shaping up to be a major international competition for junior and cadet boy and girl freestyle wrestlers.

This unique event, which uses a round robin format, features many top American athletes and many foreign competitors. The girls division is always open to many more motivated athletes. The men’s competition has a few spots available for a limited number of talented wrestlers who wish to challenge themselves.

The competition will be held at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY, a suburb of Albany, the state capital of New York.

Currently, the men’s competition includes more than 200 American boys and 75 international boys, who can wrestle in an individual tournament and a double competition. International competitors from the following nations are set to face American boys: Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bolivia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, New Zealand, Panama, Peru and Uzbekistan.

For American boys and foreign boys, there are a variety of skill levels, from World and Continental medalists as well as those with less accomplishments and less experience.

Some of the best clubs in the country send boys to wrestle in this event: Pinnacle (MN), Young Guns (PA), Askren Wrestling Academy (WI), Monster Garage (CA), Doughboy (New England), Izzy Style (IL) and much more. Prep school powerhouse teams Wyoming Seminary (PA) and Blair Academy (NJ) are entered. A New Jersey team (made up of a number of top clubs) will participate. Host Journeymen WC is also well represented.

There are over 100 girls who have already signed up, the first year that a women’s individual tournament has been part of the Journeyman World Classic. In addition to many talented wrestlers from the United States and Canada, other nations represented in the women’s event include Austria, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Wrestlers rarely have the opportunity to compete against international competitors, and all of these foreign athletes come here to the United States to compete against you. This event will prepare you for the big spring and summer domestic tournaments, especially for those planning on trying out for a US World Team or heading home with Fargo gear.

In a difficult time for international travel due to the international conflict and the ongoing pandemic, large delegations from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan were able to obtain visas to compete. Indeed, Kyrgyzstan has a delegation of 28 people, including a full women’s team to accompany its men’s team.

Event organizer Frank Popolizio would like to thank U.S. Congressman Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma, Chairman of the Congressional Wrestling Caucus, for his hard work helping international teams gain access to the United States to compete. Popolizio also praised the US State Department’s Bureau of Cultural Affairs for its efforts on behalf of the event.

On Saturday April 9, it’s the individual tournament for the boys. Sunday April 10 is the individual tournament for the girls, as well as the doubles tournament for the boys.

Normally, an American athlete must purchase a UWW license for international competition, which costs $100 or more. However, United World Wrestling waived the UWW license fee for American wrestlers to participate in this event. All you need is to be a current member of USA Wrestling and pay the entry fee, and you can test yourself against top American athletes as well as talented international opponents.

Still interested in competing? Consult these leaflets for more information.



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