Kansas Game Day Texts


You might have noticed if you were at the stadium on Saturday: WiFi and cell service are spotty. I did not know. I don’t (usually) text or call while gaming, so the phone is put away until I access and rate the texts afterwards. I decided to let go as things started to get crazy early in the second half and I noticed I had no serve. I fixed it… and I was inundated with texts coming all of a sudden.

“Oh no!” I thought. Were we going to have a parade of texts with the same timestamp? Would today’s episode make less sense than what happened throughout this overtime affair? At that time, it was very clearly an eminently loseable game, and since there was a long way to go, we were going to have some entertaining and revealing texts. I didn’t want to lose it and, uh, kick it on this edition. I typed with my fingers crossed the rest of the night, and I think it worked. All texts arrived in order. Most likely, this stream of texts arriving at the same time was the result of a third conversion from Kansas or an error from Mountaineer.

Today I found a floating message in the sea from you to me. You wrote that when you could see it thereou texted with fear. The goal was near. My changes are in [brackets].


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