Michael Kay disgusted by New York Yankees chewing gum game


In a major loss for the “baseball isn’t boring” crowd, the New York Yankees spent much of their Tuesday night game against the Oakland Athletics playing “The Bubble Gum Game.”

The game featured Nestor Cortes, Jordan Montgomery, and Matt Carpenter tossing wads of chewed gum down a field drain that was in foul territory, just yards from the dugout. But it wasn’t just one or two pieces, there was a growing pile with dozens of chewed gum balls.

The chewing gum game started in the first run and it really started to build up in the fourth. Raw. And that’s exactly how Yankees play-by-play voice Michael Kay described it on the YES Network show.

“Which is to say, it’s kind of gross,” Kay said in disgust.

“It’s like golf, it’s like Frisbee golf,” Yankees analyst Cameron Maybin said. “They find a little marker on the court and they throw the gum, almost like they’re playing frisbee golf.”

“And it’s all chewing gum,” Kay said, which Maybin confirmed. “I’m sure Danny Cunningham, the gardener, loves it,” Kay added sarcastically as The Bubble Game continued to dominate their topic of conversation throughout the top half of round four.

Apparently it’s not a new trend, with Kay stating that Paul O’Neill checked in to inform him that they call him ‘Bubble Bocce Ball’. Remember when LeBron James was reprimanded for trying to challenge the water bottle on the Cavaliers bench? Imagine if he chewed, spit, and threw gum instead?

Isn’t that some kind of sacrilegious act? Yankees players haven’t been allowed to sport a beard since 1973, but is smearing the cathedral baseball field with chewed gum OK? And I know Major League Baseball has relaxed its COVID-19 health and safety protocols for the 2022 season, but piling that well-chewed gum should never be accepted, pandemic or not.

With a day game on Wednesday afternoon, the Yankees didn’t waste much time return to their chewing gum competition. Luckily, Carpenter showed that it wasn’t necessary to chew all the gum, opting to roll it into a sphere by hand and sweat it out rather than douse it with saliva.

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