Official Paralympic Games video game to host daily highlights


The very first official Paralympic Games video game, The Pegasus Dream Tour, will include highlights from the Paralympic Games on its platform at the start of the event.

The game will “sync” with the real world event to allow its players to experience the Games despite the inability to participate in person.

By creating its own virtual setting – Pegasus City – the game will create a space where fans can gather during the event, watch highlights from real games and compete in their own competitive Grand Prix Parasports tournament.

Players will be able to participate in competitive virtual parasport matches through 5 events: boccia, 100m sprint, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair race and five-a-side football,

Meanwhile, daily highlights from the Games in Tokyo will also be shown on the main screen located in central Pegasus City each day during the Paralympic Games. The game will also provide players with real-time information flashes of real-world action.

The Paralympic Games begin with the Opening Ceremony in Tokyo on August 24, with no spectators present.

UK coverage is hosted on Channel 4, run by presenters such as Clare Balding and Ade Adepitan.

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