Olympiads in Metz-Plage to give a taste for sport, two years from the Paris Olympics


There is an air of sporting events in Metz-Plage, this Saturday, July 23, 2022. Children juggle with volleyballs or badminton shuttlecocks. Others practice shooting in the goals of the field of beach football when some go through a rugby obstacle course.

In less than thirty minutes, Simon has already done table tennis, handball, football and hurdle jumping. Like a modern-day decathlete, he participates in the Olympiads of Metz Beach organized as part of the preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which will take place in two years. Children can try their hand at ten Olympic disciplines through small challenges.

Discover Paralympic sports

It’s very nice, smiles Simon’s mother, Annabelle, who comes from Touraine. We always follow the Winter and Summer Games but without being ultra sporty, just for the beauty of the sport.

The initiative is also aimed at children who do not know certain sports. This is the case of Haven, 9 years old, who has never heard of the Olympic Games: ” I didn’t know rugby, I ran with a ball, I did slaloms, I didn’t think I could do it but finally I did it and I’m fed up!

On a course, children will be able to discover rugby during the Olympiades de Metz Plage, Saturday July 23, 2022.
On a course, children will be able to discover rugby during the Olympiades de Metz Plage, Saturday July 23, 2022. ©Radio France
Theo Boscher

Between the trampoline or archery stands, there is plenty to do. And parents get involved too.lead by example“Slips Bastian, who came with his son Eliott. But others simply enter the game. After each event, points are awarded to the participant and a ranking unveiled on Tuesday will reward the best athletes of the weekend, with medals and podium. .

Not much interest in the French Olympics?

The Olympiads also do Spotlight on Paralympic Disciplines, like boccia, which resembles pétanque. ” It’s super interesting and very good to develop this mentality, greets Régis, 44 years old. We almost never think about it, the Paralympics always come after the Olympics.

From there, to arouse vocations, at least an interest, for these French Olympic Games? ” I could follow sporting exploits but not live, it’s not an event that I’m on TV“Explains Bastian while Kledis admits to him that he” does not like the Olympics too much “. His favorite things are football and the World Cup. Football which is still part of the Olympic disciplines.

This initiative is one of many organized by local authorities to show that “the Moselle is a land of games”. Two years in advance to try to arouse a little enthusiasm in the population. Metz must also be a center of preparation for the Olympics.


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