Passion for sport remains strongest among those who fight the hardest



There is no easy way to quantify it, no metric by which to gauge the depth of athletes’ feelings for this event – the sun that everyone revolves around.

If the Olympics present for many a quadrennial reintroduction to the sports that exist in peripheral vision, then the Paralympics are an amplified version of the same, a conundrum which for the casual sports fan can often take some time to complete. resolution.

There is the wide and confusing mix of classifications; the strange derivative versions of the sports we know better; in places there is great strength, skill and superlative speed, the kind we instinctively associate with sporting greatness. Then there are also the disabilities – some mild, some severe – which challenge us to enjoy this spectacle from a different perspective, to do our best to walk a mile in the athletes’ shoes, and to feel like we are. how special a performance was, given the limitations structure that underpinned it.



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