Pickleball courts in Phoenixville are a testament to the sport’s growing popularity among people of all ages



4 men holding pickleball equipment

Image via Smashville.

Zak Miller, left.

While many see pickleball as a sport primarily for older people, the growing number of young faces at Phoenixville’s Fisher Park shows the game is for people of all ages, writes Courtney Diener-Stokes for the Daily schedules.

Zak Miller, 27, used to mainly play badminton, but now he often opts for pickleball instead.

“If I want to exercise and step, and have fun and play casually, I would go for pickleball, he said. “If I’m looking for a more intense workout, I choose badminton.”

He plays with a Meetup group in Fisher Park two to three days a week. He plays all year round unless the snow prevents him.

“What I love about this sport is how accessible it is to everyone,” he said. “Anyone in any age group can hit and get a good rally very easily.”

Miller is also a certified professional pickleball registry instructor with Smashville, which has been offering pickleball learn clinics for about two years, including at Fisher Park.

“The goal is to promote and demonstrate basic pickleball skills and some intermediate skills, as well as chops and slices,” Miller said.

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