Popular NFL player quits mid-game in incredible viral video [WATCH]


The NFL regular season is coming to an end, as Week 17 rolls around the league.

The pictures from the AFC and NFC playoffs are still not entirely clear, although some possible matchups are looming. One team that will be in the playoffs this year in the NFC is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are looking to win the NFC South.

The Bucs were in the Meadowlands to take on the AFC East New York Jets and during the game, a moment any NFL or sports fan will never forget took place.

During the third quarter of the game between the Bucs and the Jets, wide receiver Antonio Brown, who had a series of famous incidents during his career dating back to his Pro Bowl days in Pittsburgh, decided that it was was enough.

Brown looked extremely upset and despite teammate and wide receiver Mike Evans’ pleas for him to calm down, Brown removed much of his gear and began to walk off the field on his own.

The videos went viral on social media this afternoon.

It’s unclear why Brown was upset. I hope to get more information from Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians after the game.

Stadium security reportedly nearly tackled Brown before realizing he was a player, walking off the pitch.

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