Quebec schools fear that children will copy the “Squid Game”



MONTREAL – South Korean megahit “Squid Game” has quickly become Netflix’s most-watched show in the past month, but parents and school boards in Quebec fear the violence will be emulated on the playgrounds .

Several school boards across the province recently issued statements warning parents about students imitating games.

The series depicts desperate adults fighting to the death in a tournament featuring twisted versions of children’s games, all for a huge cash prize.

The series is intended for adult audiences only, but teachers in Quebec say they notice “Squid Game” themes appearing in students’ artwork and during recess.

Montreal psychologist says preventing kids from watching “Squid Game” is not enough; parents should discuss the phenomenon as a way to reassure children and build confidence.

Schools in Australia and the UK have also reportedly warned parents against allowing their children to watch the series after similar reports of imitating behavior.

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– This report by The Canadian Press was first published on October 21, 2021.



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