Saving tips without steps cheaper car insurance

Saving tips without steps cheaper car insurance

In times of crisis we all pay more attention to the little ones. To save where possible. For example, on your car insurance. Learn more at http://mujsyndalajlama.cz

But what if you recently switched to a cheaper provider (via Dr. Lender)? As a motorist, how can you save even more. We give you 5 tips.

1. Choose the right coverage for your car insurance

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Do you find it difficult to determine which cover to choose? We recommend the following:

– Cars younger than 4 years old: full hull. Your car is then still worth too much to pay for any damage to your own car. – Cars between 4 and 8 years old: consider a limited body. The premium for this is generally lower and your car is no longer worth so much that you receive the replacement value in the event of a total loss. – Cars older than 8 years: almost always the best only WA. Even when you have full insurance for your old car, you will still only get the current value back with total loss. This value has often fallen so far that the premium for this expensive cover does not outweigh the current value. Calculate your current value

2. Drive economically

2. Drive economically

With the high gasoline prices, many a refueling is a big expense. However, you will need to be at the pump less often if you adjust your driving behavior. The saving can go up to 30 percent! Count along:

– Accelerating hard and driving at high speed ensures higher fuel consumption. You can quickly save 10 percent on fuel with The New Driving. Moreover, it saves on wear on your tires and brakes. – Another 5 to 10 percent can be gained if you do not unnecessarily drive the windows open, switch on the air conditioning constantly or leave a roof box unattended without using it. – Short journeys are relatively the most inefficient. Limit them and your average consumption will decrease. Up to around 10 percent.

3. Don’t pay too much for a used car

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Not everyone has the same knowledge of cars. You want to avoid paying too much for a used car or a bad buy. Use the ANWB / BOVAG Course List for this. This is an up-to-date overview with target prices for used cars up to and including 7 years old. Every month a team of experts from the car industry together with the ANWB determine these prices again.

4. Buy a stable car


If you sell your car again after a few years, you naturally want as much as possible in return. In that case, invest in a stable car. Such as an Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Seat, Toyota, Volvo or Volkswagen. And fewer in brands such as Alfa, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroën, Dacia, Fiat, Hyundai, Kia, Renault or Rover.

5. Avoid unnecessary fines

5. Avoid unnecessary fines


On a quiet, uncluttered road, many motorists can hardly resist the temptation to drive faster than permitted. Often the time saved is minimal, you are more expensive to use and you do not have a leg to stand up in the event of an accident. Not to mention the possible ticket that falls on the doormat a few weeks later. Because the police flash off a bit in the Netherlands.

According to the anti-flash app ABC, the top 5 of the most devastated motorways looks like this:

  • A2
  • A12
  • A1
  • A28
  • A27