The mission of Qld asbl is to open sport to all

The mission of Qld asbl is to open sport to all

There is no doubt that sport changes lives, and for almost one in five Queenslanders living with a disability, it enables them to reach their full potential and advocate for change in society. Sport enables people with disabilities to acquire vital social skills, develop their independence and become capable of acting as agents of change.

For more than 40 years, the nonprofit Sporting Wheelies of Queensland has made active living accessible to all, enabling team sports and providing rehabilitation for people with physical disabilities – giving every Queenslanden disabled the opportunity to live a more active and healthier life. life. Sporting Wheelies are helping people like world boccia champion Jason Mayweather learn or relearn to walk and have made the Paralympic Games a possibility for countless Queenslanders.

Sporting Wheelies knows that active goals can take many forms and believes that all ambitions are equal and valid. The organization supports the variety of active goals of people, ranging from increasing their mobility and independence to improving their health, socializing, participating in recreational activities or representing their country. .

Amanda Mather, recently appointed CEO of the Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association, has a successful history of helping Australians. With a career in healthcare spanning over 25 years, she is passionate about creating a positive community for everyone. Amanda’s business acumen has served her throughout a diverse career in government, commerce and healthcare. Taking on roles ranging from public relations, marketing and change management to planning, policy and product development, she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Amanda Mather, CEO of the Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association.

Not shy about a challenge, Amanda joined Queensland Health in 2005 and undertook the enormous feat of overseeing a $ 2 billion statewide budget. In 2007, she turned her attention to a planning and development role for the Queensland Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane – a facility that has become a lifeline and home from home for many young Queenslanders and their families.

Amanda has put her heart and soul into leadership roles for the Children’s Hospital, working closely with children’s health foundations and nonprofits. Along the way, Amanda became Managing Director of Hear and Say, Founding Director of Bionics Queensland and now CEO of Sporting Wheelies.

During COVID-19, Sporting Wheelies pivoted its traditionally gym-centric offerings to telepractice and got to work on building and opening a health, sports and fitness center. Amanda led the opening of the new Albion center alongside the Brisbane team and community who helped build it from scratch, with everyone from builders to panel makers volunteering their time. . This specially designed facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and Queensland’s first courts dedicated to the Paralympic sports of goalball and boccia. The new center embodies what Sporting Wheelies have been working on for years: improving the lives of those around them.

Sporting Wheelies Health Sports and fitness center.

Sporting Wheelies is currently working on implementing sports for all levels in schools across the country. The new school curriculum promotes inclusion through sport and is currently being tested in three schools in Brisbane, enabling children of all abilities to participate in team sports.

Caption of the main image: Boccia World Champion Jason Mayweather and Sporting Wheelies CEO Amanda Mather.


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