The most popular drinking game in Florida


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Some people can sit back and relax, but I prefer a little action with my drinking, especially in the form of a drinking game and you might be surprised which drinking game is the best. most popular in Florida. looked at Google search data for over 3,100 phrases to determine the most popular drinking games across the country and although from state to state the games varied, the one thing that each state had in common is that from west to east. , from north to south, we all love drinking games.

Their study found that the top drinking games in 19 states involved beer, whether beer darts, beer dice, beer mugs, and more, with beer pong being the most popular in 7 states.

Many people like a little card action with their drinks and in 30 of the largest King’s Cup cities in the United States, it was the most popular. The rules for this one can differ slightly from place to place, as can the name, so you can call it Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, Waterfall, or just “Kings.”

If you think about it, any game can be turned into a drinking game and a seemingly innocent game of bocce is the most popular drinking game in Florida. It makes perfect sense with our laid-back lifestyle…we like to relax, but we also like to drink our drinks. And on those hot summer days (and nights), a cocktail is essential to cool down.

Top 10 most popular drinking games:


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