The Pegasus Dream Tour is the Paralympics’ first official mobile game, heading to iOS and Android in June


JP Games Inc and the International Paralympic Committee have announced an official Tokyo Paralympic Games game for iOS and Android. It’s called The Pegasus Dream Tour and will be heading to mobile devices on June 25th.

It will be an avatar-based RPG set in the titular city of Pegasus. It seeks to uphold the IPC’s values ​​of diversity and inclusion by respecting everyone’s individuality. Each player will create an avatar called Mine. The faces of these characters will be generated using selfie images from players’ phones.

From there, they can choose from a variety of prosthetic arms, legs, and wheelchairs before training to compete in various parasports. These include precision ball sport boccia, 5-a-side football, track and field and wheelchair basketball.

Nine of the world’s top para-athletes will be featured in-game with their own avatars. They are:

  • Takayuki Hirose (Boccia / Japan)
  • Patrick Anderson (wheelchair basketball / Canada)
  • Holly Robinson (Javelin / New Zealand)
  • Silvio Velo (5-a-side football / Argentina)
  • Manami Tanaka (Wheelchair Tennis / Japan)
  • Kohei Kobayashi (Badminton / Japan)
  • Rie Ogura (Badminton / Japan)
  • Scout Bassett (Athletics / United States)
  • Chaiwat Rattana (Athletics / Thailand)

Speaking about the partnership, Craig Spence, IPC’s Head of Brand and Communications, said: “We are very excited about the launch of the Pegasus Dream Tour on June 24, as it will help the Paralympic Movement connect and deepen engagement with new and younger audiences, as well as further raise awareness of parasport ahead of Tokyo. 2020.”

They added: “We want all gaming and sports enthusiasts to pre-register for this groundbreaking video game already, which will see people from all over the world come together virtually and be able to enjoy the Paralympic Games in a whole new, innovative and fun way. “

the Pegasus Dream Tower is about to be released on the App Store and google play June 24.

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