U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee Responds to Athlete Commitment Commission and NGB Report



COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo .– Today, the Athlete and NGB Commitment Commission released an exploratory report following a nine-month review. Appointed by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee to review the structure and governance of the American Olympic and Paralympic community, and chaired by former WNBA President Lisa Borders, the “Boundary Commission” was tasked with formulating a set of recommendations to address how the USOPC can more effectively interact with and oversee its 50 member national governing bodies, and support and engage with the athletes it serves.

“The USOPC has already made significant progress in strengthening protections and empowering athletes, and we are grateful for the diligent and thorough work of the Borders Commission to ensure that progress continues,” said the President of the USOPC, Susanne Lyons. “We look forward to reviewing the full report and taking the appropriate steps to implement and strengthen meaningful reforms to create a culture and environment where athletes can achieve both personal well-being and success in competition.”

The USOPC tasked the Boundary Commission to review the organization’s governance strategy and athlete protection policies, including considering whether any changes are needed to the organization’s policies and procedures, statutes and regulations. Ted Steven’s Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. The commission is made up of nine members, including four athlete representatives, two NGB representatives, two independents and one USOPC board member. The commission was assisted by an independent lawyer.

“On behalf of my fellow Commissioners and myself, it has been our privilege to serve our athletes and the USOPC during this critical time,” said Lisa Borders, Chair of the Boundary Commission. “We are also grateful to those who spoke to us directly and those who submitted written perspectives while we worked on this important project. All the voices were precious and punchy. It has been an honor to be invited to become fully engaged and we look forward to continued and accelerated success for the Olympic and Paralympic movements, both within and outside the competitive arenas of sport. ”

The USOPC has implemented a number of reforms and initiatives, including instituting new leadership and stronger accountability measures; improve security policies and procedures and advance the capabilities, efficiency and independence of the United States Center for SafeSport; increasing the frequency of member audits and expanding the scope of annual compliance reviews; and modernize its structure to guarantee athletes a powerful voice in decision-making and key functions.

“As we remain focused on prioritizing and supporting the needs of athletes and NGBs, we need to set clear standards for organizational excellence and hold ourselves and all member organizations accountable,” said Sarah Hirshland, CEO of the USOPC. “With changes to governance and staff, policies and procedures – and most importantly the culture – we are a very different organization than it was a year ago, but we still have work to do. . We remain committed to this reform process and will share information on further action we are taking in response to these recommendations. We are grateful to the entire Commission for their dedication and hard work over the past few months.

The report is available at this link.

The full list of committee members is below [commission member; perspective(s); key role(s)]:

Lisa Borders (chair); Independent; Former President of the WNBA

Han Xiao; Athlete; President, USOPC Athlete Advisory Council / Elite Athlete (Table Tennis)

Elana Meyers Taylor; Athlete; Elite athlete / Olympian (Bobsleigh)

Mike Schultz; Athlete; Elite athlete / Paralympian (Snowboard)

Michel Lénard; Athlete; Retired elite athlete / Olympian (Handball) / Vice-President of the International Court of Arbitration for Sport

Renée Chube Washington; NGB (Large); COO, USA Athletics

Ted Morris; NGB (Small); Executive Director, US Speedskating

Lorraine Orr; Independent youth organization; COO, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Beth Brooke-Marciniak; USOPC Independent Board of Directors; Independent Member, USOPC Board of Directors

Davis Butler, Counsel; Independent lawyer; Partner, Butler Mersereau srl



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