WNY School District Offers Students Half Day Due To Bill Game


The Buffalo Bills are 1-0 in the 2022 regular season, coming off a huge and very convincing win over the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday Night Football to kick off the NFL’s 2022 regular season campaign.

The team is still the favorite to win the Super Bowl in February in Arizona and after dominating the defending Super Bowl champions on Thursday night, fans may even think the team is better than we thought there. a week old, which is pretty amazing.

The Bills are gearing up for another prime-time game, this time Monday night against non-divisional rival Tennessee Titans.

The 7:15 p.m. kickoff next Monday is a rarity, but that’s due to the double-header feature, as the NFL will also see the Minnesota Vikings play the Philadelphia Eagles just over an hour away. later.

You can certainly expect many people to take a sick day or just take a half day on Monday to prepare for the Bills’ home opener, and one school district in Western New York is doing just that. also.

WKBW reports that the Orchard Park Central School District will give its students a half day, due to the Bills’ home opener.

The district calls it a “Buffalo Bills Monday Half Day.”

The move is mainly due to traffic. Lots of pitches open up around the stadium four hours before kick-off and fans are definitely planning to get their heels up before then, maybe even in the early afternoon, which means it gives students the chance to take a few lessons before heading out for the day.

I wish that had happened when I was in school, but that’s what I get for growing up during the 17-year playoff drought – no prime or half-time games -Bills days for us!

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