100 things to know about the Paralympic Games (51-75)



51. An important rule of sitting volleyball is that players should be seated and their torso – between the buttocks and shoulders – should remain in contact with the ground when playing the ball.

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52. Rwanda sent the first women’s sitting volleyball team to represent Africa at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. After winning the 2019 African Championships, they are also reserving their places at Tokyo 2020.

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53. After becoming the first amputee swimmer to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Natalie du Toit competed in her second Paralympic Games in China, winning five gold medals in five events. The South African star retired after London 2012 with 13 Paralympic gold medals.

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54. Sareh Javanmardi made history by becoming the first Iranian female gold medalist in parasport shooting at Rio 2016, winning the P2 (10m SH1 air pistol), quickly followed by the P4 (50m SH1 mixed pistol).

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55. Tandem bikes are used in para-cycling for visually impaired athletes, with the front cyclist called the rider leading the way.

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56. A significant difference between Paralympic Judo and Olympic Judo is in the Paralympic Games, the judoka must grab his opponent’s sleeve and backhand and stand still before a match can begin.


57. Dutch wheelchair tennis player Esther Vergeer retired after London 2012 with a remarkable 470-game winning streak dating back more than 10 years and seven Paralympic gold medals.

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58. Wheelchair rugby has two types of wheelchairs – offensive and defensive. Offensive wheelchairs have a round bumper. Defensive wheelchairs have a long bumper protruding from the front to stop the movement of opposing players.

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59. The powerlifting world record is a record 310kg, set in men over 107kg by the late Siamand Rahman of Iran at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

60. A rule specific to Paralympic Taekwondo is that only trunk kicks count as valid attacks. Kicks to the head are not allowed and result in a warning giving the opponent a point.

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61. In boccia, a pair of calipers is set to the distance between a ball and the cylinder, then this distance is compared to the distance of another ball from the cylinder, to determine which of the two is closer. Referees may also use other measuring devices to ensure a correct result.

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62. Five-time Polish Paralympic table tennis champion Natalia Partyka is one of the few para-athletes to have also competed in the Olympics when she did so in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

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63. Brazilian Petrucio Ferreira (10.42 in T46 / 47) and Cuban Omara Durand (11.40 in T12) respectively achieved the two best times in history over 100m men and women.

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64. Iranian archer Zahra Nemati competed in the Paralympics and the 2016 Olympics, becoming the first Iranian athlete and the first Asian woman to do so.

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65. Tappers are assistants who tap the head of a visually impaired swimmer to let him know when to make a turn.

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66. Paralympic swimming legend Daniel Dias will retire after Tokyo 2020. The Brazilian competed in three editions of the Paralympic Games from Beijing 2008 to Rio 2016, winning 24 medals – more than any other male paraglider in history.

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67. Former Formula 1 driver Alex Zanardi created one of the most iconic images in Paralympic history in London 2012, 11 years after suffering a fatal accident at the CART Championships. The Italian sat at the finish line after his gold medal in road cycling in the men’s H4 individual time trial, while holding his racing bike with one hand and clenching his fist triumphant over the other.

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68. Wheelchair fencers cover the lower half of their body with a wire apron to ensure that hits on off-target areas are not recorded.

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69. Italian sensation Bebe Vio was just 19 when she won her first Paralympic wheelchair fencing gold medal in the B category of women’s foil at Rio 2016.

70. Five-a-side football is played without a throw-in or offside rule.

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71. Since Rio 2016, the size of a 5-a-side football goal has grown from 3m wide x 2m high to the size of a hockey goal (3.66m wide x 2.14m high) . This can lead to higher scoring matches.

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72. In para triathlon, “handlers” work with athletes who have lower limb impairments to help them in transition zones.

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73. An iconic Paralympic moment occurred during the Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony, when Chinese Paralympic athletics champion Hou Bin left the world in awe. With the Paralympic torch attached to his wheelchair, Bin used his bare hands – and every ounce of energy in his body – to hoist himself and his wheelchair 39 meters into the air and light the cauldron on the roof. of the stadium in front of 90,000 astonished spectators.


74. Wheelchair basketball players “tilt” their chairs to gain a little extra height for shots, rebounds and blocks, as well as for the early game warning.

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75. Brazilian judo legend Antonio Tenorio holds the record for winning six consecutive Games medals (1996-2016), the first four being gold (also a record).

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