Conor Coady reveals why he still watches childhood idol and Liverpool hero Jamie Carragher on TV


Conor Coady adored heroes Jamie Carragher. Now the former Liverpool defender is congratulating him.

Coady’s England debut had Carragher undertones at his best, martialically defending and filling the empty Parken Stadium with thunderous calls of “stay patient!” and hard Scouse consonants.

He joined Liverpool the year Carragher won the Champions League in Istanbul, but only made two first-team appearances before moving to Hudderfield Town in 2014. A year later Wolves had paid only £ 2million for him, a charge that could now be 10 times higher. was it on the market today.

Now an English international as well, you might think Coady wouldn’t hang on to every word of his childhood hero anymore, but apparently not.

“Every time he says good things about me it’s an amazing feeling because he was a player,” Coady said.

“He’s someone I admired tremendously as a kid, so that’s fantastic.”

Carragher even messaged Coady after receiving the initial call telling him to be himself and “as strong as he can get” in practice and games.

Coady added: “He has been brilliant with me since I was a young boy in Liverpool who comes through and moves to Melwood.

Coady and Carragher were briefly teammates at Liverpool (Photo: Getty)

“And since I left Liverpool he dropped a weird text on me and we did a little bit on Sky Sports as well.

“He’s a huge influence for me, he really is because he’s someone I admired when I was a kid to see how he fights back and I learned a lot from him.”

Coady’s organizational skills – he captained the Wolves for the past three seasons – were clear from the start, providing invaluable leadership alongside Joe Gomez and Eric Dier, both less familiar than him with the three-way defensive line. .

“I don’t necessarily watch my own performance all the time and I’m like ‘well I have to do well there’ I think if I help people I know I’m fine,” Coady added.

“That’s the important thing about going on international service, it’s about helping others and tonight it was Joe Gomez and Eric Dier, both of whom I found fantastic.

Southgate was pleased with the performance of Coady, one of their four debutants of the night (Photo: PA)

“It’s important that we always talk. It’s part of the job and for the guys above it also makes their job easier.


Coady probably wouldn’t have had this opportunity without Harry Maguire’s absence, but he grabbed it with both hands.

Playing in a three-way back it made him look like the more experienced of defenders having played in that system week after week, and from the start you could hear him bring in Gomez and more often Dier. in the right places.

He also offered a bit with the ball at his feet, choosing Trent Alexander-Arnold with a beautifully floating first-half pass that almost created England’s first chance of the game.

From what was once a position of real strength, England lack a bit of depth at center-back beyond premier pairing Maguire and Gomez thanks to the loss of form of John Stones and Michael Keane. Coady has shown he will be a more than capable substitute for any of them, in a back four or a back three.

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