World Boxing Council announces formation of Indian committee



WBC India Championships will prove to be a big step in the right direction, expert says

The World Boxing Council (WBC) announced the formation of its India committee in collaboration with the Indian Boxing Council.

The committee aims to provide a “path to successful National Championships for aspiring professional boxers across the region and to provide Indian fighters with greater global opportunities, using WBC India as a platform for development, progression and inclusion “.

In addition, the WBC will focus on the safety of boxers and establish a ranking system for both male and female boxers.

“I am extremely proud to witness new horizons for boxing in India. The WBC recognizes the rich heritage of this proud sporting nation, where we have already seen several Indian boxers crowned with WBC and WBC Affiliate Championships in recent years,” , CAT president Mauricio said in a statement.

“A decisive step”

Commenting on the announcement, Indian Boxing Council (IBC) Chairman Brigadier PK Muralidharan Raja said, “Indian boxers have been working hard and have started making waves on the professional boxing circuit in recent years. the right way.

“I look forward to working with WBC India Co-Chairs Mr. Kevin Noone, Ms. Oksana Semenishina and the entire WBC India committee to develop the sport in the country.” The inaugural WBC India Championship competition is expected to take place during the next LZ Boxing promotion.

LZ President Parm Goroya said: “To be the very first promoter of the WBC India Championship on Indian soil is a privilege and a justification not to give up on India and my vision.

“I express my deep gratitude to WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, IBC, Indian boxers and their teams as we seek to expand the Indian boxing market.”



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